Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street

i've decide 2 watch a movie v my friends in the cinema...
the movie that we decide 2 watch named"A Nightmare on Elm Street"...

now i going 2 share the movie trailer here v u guys...
after watching the movie trailer,
i really can't wait 2 go n watch it anymore...
hope that i can go n watch it very very soon...

till then,
v lots of love♥

My Love

Iphone is my dream phone,
i like it really much...

my friend told me that a new iphone is coming out soon,
so he adviced me not 2 buy the recent 1 1st,
wait till the new iphone coming out,
then we go n get 1 2gether:)

it looks really nice n great:)
can't wait 2 get an iphone...

ps:hope that i have enough money 2 buy an iphone on that time:)

Do U Remember

the singer of tis song is Jay Sean...
tis song is very meaningful 2 me,
n i like it damn much♥

ps:hope that u guys will love tis song too:)

till then,
v lots of love♥